A Guide To Instant Pot Error Codes With Flashing Lights or Beeping [2022]

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How To Fix Instant Pot Error Codes

Instant Pot pressure cookers come with built in maintenance alerts. These Instant Pot alerts are usually displayed with an error code, sometimes along with flashing lights or beeping (will vary by model). Unfortunately, the Instant Pot user manuals are not very helpful when it comes to diagnosing and fixing these error codes. I’ve compiled some solutions that have worked for other Instant Pot users. Keep reading to learn more.

What Do Instant Pot Error Codes Mean?

Instant Pot Error CodeMeaning
C1Faulty sensor
C3Faulty sensor
C4Faulty sensor
C5Inner pot not seated correctly
C6Faulty pressure sensor
C6HFaulty high pressure sensor
C6LFaulty low pressure sensor
C7Failed heating element failed / not enough lid
C8Incorrect inner pot used
E1-E19error code meanings not specified (contact support)
ECFaulty pressure sensor
Food BurnInstant pot detects high temperature at the bottom of the inner pot
Lid / C9Lid in incorrect position for the selected function
PrSEPressure accumulating during program other than pressure cooking
noPrNot enough pressure

How To Fix Instant Pot Faulty Sensor Error Codes C1, C3, C4, C6, C6H, C6L, EC

Unfortunately when either the temperature or pressure sensor in your Instant Pot starts to malfunction, you’ll get error codes C1-C6 or EC. The only solution is to contact customer support. If your pressure cooker is still under warranty, you may be able to send it in for repair or even get it replaced.

Instant Pot Error Code C5 Solution

When the error code C5 appears and lights start flashing, there are two potential solutions. First, try removing the inner pot. Then, reposition it in the pressure cooker base. The goal here is to try to get the sensor to make contact with the base. If the error remains, try adding more food and water to the inner pot which will give it a bit more weight.

Instant Pot Error Code C7 Solutions

There are two possible “solutions” if your Instant Pot is displaying a C7 error code. First, try this that you can do on your own without customer support. It involves adding a bit of water or other water-based liquid you are cooking with to the inner pot in the following amounts based on the size you have. Then put the lid on the machine and restart it.

Instant Pot Sizecupsmlfl oz
6 QT pots1.5375~12
8 QT pots2.0500~16

If the error code remains, there is may be a problem with the heating element in your pressure cooker. You may want to contact customer support, especially if your appliance is still under warranty. That said, there have been some users who have shared solutions that worked for them on social media. I’ll explain them below, but note that there is no guarantee that these will work for you.

Rubber Lining Inside Lid

Take the lid off of the Instant Pot and flip it over. When you look at the underside of it, you should see a rubber lining that goes smoothly around the entire edge of the lid. If the lining appears to be off in any place, try to move it back to its original position. Alternatively, you can replace it with a new rubber lining. Be sure to read the product information carefully to ensure that it will fit your model.

Missing Gasket On Steam Release Valve

On the underside of your lid, there are two parts that stick out. One will have six little holes in the center – that is the anti-block shield. The other should be covered by a silicone gasket. Unfortunately, it can be easy for this gasket to come off while your cleaning the lid. If you have lost it, you can try calling customer support to see if they will send you a replacement. Alternatively, you can try to buy a replacement part online. Be sure to check for compatibility with your model.

Instant Pot Error Code C8 Solution

Technically, the Instant Pot error code C8 means that the machine detects that you are using an incorrect inner pot from anther model. However, many users complain about having this error when they are using the inner pot that comes with their machine. There are two solutions you can try before contacting Instant Pot support.

Place The Instant Pot On A Different Surface

Some users have found that moving your Instant Pot to a different kitchen surface (or even the floor) might help fix this error. That’s because users suspect that the C8 error code can also be triggered if the pressure cooker is not on a level surface.

Cook On A Different Setting

Are you trying to cook on saute mode? Some users have reported that the C8 error code appears when they try to use saute mode. If this is happening to you, it is certainly understandable if you want to call customer support and try to get a replacement. These machines are expensive and should work as expected! However, if you want to try a workaround, try cooking using custom mode set to level 3 or maybe 4. If level 4 doesn’t work for you, try level 3.

Solution For Instant Pot “Food Burn” Error

When food particles stick to the bottom of the inner pot, the base of the pot can start to heat faster than intended. When the Instant Pot sensors detect this, the “food burn” error code will appear and the unit will automatically start to reduce its temperature.

To fix this issue, turn the Instant Pot off. Let the Instant Pot sit unused for at least 60 minutes. If your model has a pressure quick release option, you can try using that instead of waiting for an hour. Once it is cool, inspect the bottom of the inner pot. If you see food particles stuck to it, especially starchy foods, you’ll need to clean it before trying to use it again. The inner pot is dishwasher safe. If you’ve been washing it by hand, you may want to try a dishwashing cycle before trying the following tip.

To remove burned food residue, add boiling water and dish soap to the inner pot. Let is sit undisturbed for a few hours. After the time has passed, empty the inner pot and use a soft, non-abrasive sponge or brush to clear the inside of all residue. Dry the inner pot completely before placing it back in the unit. If the error remains, you should contact customer support.

How To Fix Instant Pot “Lid” or C9 Error

Instant Pot Lid Error Message
Instant Pot Lid Error Message

Try opening and closing the lid. Remember if you are using saute mode, you should not be using a lid at all. If your lid is placed on your machine correctly, there may be an issue with the connection between the lid and the pot. Some users have solved this by just pushing down on the lid or by placing a some type of weight on the lid to keep it down. If the error remains, you should contact customer support.

How To Fix Instant Pot “PrSE” Error

When your Instant Pot is giving you a PrSE pressure error code, it means that excess pressure has built up inside the unit. The solution here is to let it cool down. Press the CANCEL button. Let the Instant Pot sit unused for at least 60 minutes. If your model has a pressure quick release option, you can try using that instead of waiting for an hour. If the error remains, you should contact customer support.

Solution For Instant Pot “noPr” Error

Code “noPR” will display when the Instant Pot cannot produce enough pressure. This usually has to do with there not being enough water or liquid in the inner pot. Always be sure to have at least 1.5 cups in there. That’s 375 ml or 12 oz.

You’ll also want to make sure your pot is not too full. When making soups, for example, you never want to contents of your pot to go at or above the 3/4 or MAX line. If you overfill it, there won’t be room for pressure to build up.

Additional Instant Pot Troubleshooting

Solving these Instant Pot error codes is not always easy. If you are struggling to clear the error and the above solutions don’t help, you should contact customer support.

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