What Is The Instant Pot Anti Block Shield And How Do You Remove It?

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The Instant Pot Anti Block Shield

Instant Pot Anti Block Shield
Instant Pot Anti Block Shield

The anti block shield is a piece on the underside of your Instant Pot lid that looks like the photo above. It may not look like much, but it is a very important piece! To keep your Instant Pot working at its best, you’ll want to remove it (and other small parts) from the lid before cleaning them. Keep reading to learn what you need to know.

What Is The Purpose Of The Instant Pot Anti Block Shield?

The anti block shield found on the underside of your Instant Pot lid is a very important piece. The shield keeps food particles away from the steam release valve. This keeps your Instant Pot working as it should. Cooking without the anti block shield could be dangerous so do not do it! If food builds up around the steam release valve, clogs it, and prevents it from operating properly, you could end up with excess pressure. That could result in an explosion. It is very important the Instant Pot can release pressure properly.

When Do You Need To Remove The Shield?

You should clean your Instant Pod lid after using your pressure cooker to prepare any dish. The lid and lid parts are dishwasher safe. Instant Pot recommends removing the small parts from the lid before putting the lid and parts into the dishwasher. This is the best way to ensure everything gets cleaned. That means you will want to remove the anti block shield from the lid before you wash it.

How Do You Remove The Anti Block Shield?

Follow these steps to remove the shield from your Instant Pot lid. But first, please note that lots of people find this difficult, especially the first time. Proceed with caution so you don’t hurt yourself.

  1. Make sure your lid is completely dry, especially the anti block shield
  2. Dry your hands completely
  3. Grab the and hold it with your thumb on the bottom side of the anti block shield while wrapping your other four fingers around the lid edge. You can use your other hand too to hold the lid if it helps you get a better grip.
  4. Use your thumb to forcefully push the seal toward the lid edge and up

It is really important that the lid, shield and your hand are dry. If anything is wet, your thumb will slip easily and you will find it hard to remove the anti block shield from your Instant Pot lid.

If this is your first time removing the Instant Pot anti block shield, it may be especially difficult. Some users have shared that they use a butter knife to pry it off the first time. Use your own judgement and caution if you consider this approach.

How To Reattach The Shield?

Once your lid and lid parts are cleaned and completely dry, you can reassemble the lid. To reconnect the anti block shield to the lid, simply put it in its position and press down firmly on it. It should snap into place pretty easily. If you need help, you can reference around 7:30 in the video below. If the connection is loose at all, see if any of the connectors attached to the lid look out of place. Gently bend them back into place and try putting the shield on again.

Anti Block Shield Replacement Parts

If you lost or damaged your shield, you can find a replacement online. They are pretty inexpensive. Be sure to read the product description carefully to make sure the part will fit your Instant Pot model. You will find many options on Amazon. However, you can also order a new one directly from Instant Pot.

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