Samsung Dishwasher Won’t Drain Water? Try These Steps To Fix It

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How To Fix A Samsung Dishwasher That Is Not Draining

There are a few reasons why your Samsung dishwasher wont drain. It could be an issue with your kitchen drain, plumbing or dishwasher filter. Your machine will usually signal that there is a drainage error by flashing a certain combination of lights.

Please note that some of the solutions described below may require some expertise to solve. Depending on your skill level when it comes to appliance repairs, you should consider contacting Samsung support to request service first.

Solution 1: Check Drain Connection At Sink

The drain for your dishwasher is linked to drain for your sink. When you sink’s drain is clogged or blocked, it can interfere with your dishwasher’s ability to drain. Grab a flashlight and look down the sink drain and try to spot any blockages. If you have a garbage disposal, make sure there is no food scraps or waste clogging it up. If your disposal or dishwasher was recently installed, make sure the disposal cap has been removed.

Solution 2: Run Water In The Sink

Run water in your kitchen sink for at least 30 seconds. If water does not drain from the sink, the source of your problem is likely in your kitchen’s plumbing and not with the Samsung dishwasher itself. You will need a good plumber to come out and determine what the problem is.

Solution 3: Check Drain Hose

If you just recently installed your Samsung dishwasher, it is possible that it was placed on top of its drain hose. When this happens, the hose will be pinched shut and water won’t be able to drain. The dishwasher will need to be adjusted so that it is not sitting on top of the hose. Pull the unit out and try inserting it again. The hose should also be inspected to make sure that it is not kinked or bent in any spots. If it is, you’ll need to straighten it out.

You also want to make sure that your hose is connected to an air gap. It also needs to be positioned in a way that creates a loop up to a point that is higher than the connection to the sink. Both of these features help to mitigate any water flowing back into the dishwasher and not drain.

Solution 4: Clean Drain, Filter and Sump

Depending on your Samsung dishwasher model, you may be able to remove parts in the filter and drain area. This allows you to give them a deep clean in a sink or bath tub. Check your user manual to see if your model has removable parts. Either way, you want to make sure the drain and filter areas are clear of any food scraps or debris as these can interfere with draining.

Solution 5: Make Sure The Line Is Not Frozen

If it is winter time, it’s possible that the drain line has frozen. You’ll want to try to warm it up to see if this fixes the problem. Open the cabinet door under the sink to let this area warm up. If the problem continues, you should contact a trusted plumber.


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