What Do Eufy RoboVac Beeps With Red Solid or Flashing Light Mean?

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How To Fix Eufy RoboVac Red Light & Beeping Errors

eufy robovac

The eufy RoboVac uses a combination of beeps and a red light to signal different errors. What the exact problem is with your vacuum will depend on the number of beeps and whether the red light is flashing or solid. Keep reading to learn your error means and how to fix it.

What Do Eufy RoboVac Beeps With Flashing Red Light Mean?

Two Beeps

Two beeps along with a flashing red light is a signal that your eufy RoboVac’s bumper is stuck. The bumper is the front part of the vacuum where the brushes are located. Tap the bumper several times over a trash bin. The goal is to dislodge any debris that may be in there.

Three Beeps

There are two possible reasons why your RoboVac’s may signal a flashing red light plus three beeps. One reason is that your vacuum has gotten stuck somewhere and cannot reverse to resume operation. In this case, you just need to pick up the RoboVac and relocate it to a clear spot. You may want to block off the problem area so it does not get stuck again.

If your vacuum is not stuck, then the issue is likely dirty drop sensors. There are three drop sensors on the underside of your RoboVac, along the bottom of the bumper. One is just above the swivel wheel. The other two are nearly in between the the side brushes and wheels, one on each side. Use a dry cloth or gentle cleaning brush to remove any debris from the sensors. You should clean these sensors every month.

Four Beeps

Four beeps plus a flashing red light means that your RoboVac’s battery is too low for the vacuum operate. You will need to let it charge for at least five hours. Bring it over to the charging base. Place it onto the base, ensuring that the charging pins on the vacuum line up with those on the base. You will see a pulsing orange status light while the RoboVac is charging. The status light will turn a solid blue when done charging.

What Do Eufy RoboVac Beeps With Solid Red Light Mean?

One Beep

A solid red light plus one beep means that the eufy RoboVac’s left and/or right wheel is stuck. This can easily happen if any hair, strings, or other debris gets in there. Turn off the vacuum and flip it over so you can see the wheels. Remove any visible debris.

Two Beeps

Two beeps plus a solid red light means that the RoboVac’s side brush is stuck. It could be one or both. Hair, strings and other debris can easily end up in here and cause problems. Turn off the unit. Flip it over and pull the brushes off to remove them. Then, unwind and remove anything that appears wrapped or stuck between the vacuum base and the side brushes. Snap the brushes back into place once the area is clear.

Three Beeps

A solid red light and three beeps means that the RoboVac’s suction fan is stuck. Turn the vacuum off. Remove and empty the dust bin into the trash. You should do this after every use. Take a look at the suction inlet and make sure nothing is blocking it. This is the front part of the dust bin where the debris enters.

Four Beeps

Four beeps and a steady red light is an error code that means your RoboVac’s rolling brush is stuck. You’ll need to turn the vacuum off and remove the rolling brush to clean it. Unlock the brush guard by pulling on the release tabs. Lift the rolling brush out of the vacuum. Use the cleaning tool that came with your RoboVac to clean it. You can also use a regular vacuum to clean it if you’ve lost the tool. Reinstall the brush. Insert the fixed end with the part that sticks out first, then click it into place. Place the brush guard back into place and snap it into position.

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