Why Is My Ninja Blender Power Light Button Blinking Red?

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How To Fix Ninja Blender Power Button That Is Flashing Red

Ninja Blender Power Button Red Light
Ninja Blender Power Button Red Light

Ninja blenders are popular because of how effective they are at blending. The sharpness of the blades and the speeds at which they move are what make Ninja blenders work so well. They also are what can make them dangerous if you don’t use the blender properly. That’s why Ninja has programmed many safety mechanisms into its blenders. When the Ninja blender detects that something is off, it will trigger a blinking red light on the power button and potentially other buttons depending on your model. Keep reading to learn more about the most common causes and how to fix them.

Ninja Blender Red Light Cause #1: Pitcher Is Not Installed Correctly

If the your Ninja blender is on but not working, the power button light and other LEDs (depending on your model) may be blinking red if your pitcher is not securely on the base. This is a common mistake that is easy for new Ninja blender owners to make. Simply placing the pitcher onto the motor base is not enough. You need to lock it into place.

To lock your Ninja blender pitcher into place, align the pitcher so that the handle is slightly to the right of the word “LOCK” on the motor base. Place it down and then rotate the pitcher clockwise until it clicks into place. You should be able to hear this click. However, you can also confirm that you have locked it by pulling up on it gently. It should not move. The Ninja blender power light will stop blinking red and the the available program buttons will light up. Your blender is now ready for use.

Ninja Blender Red Light Cause #2: Lid Is Not Installed Correctly

Your Ninja blender may also show a red blinking light if the container lid is not installed properly. When placing the lid on the pitcher, make sure that you line up the triangle symbol on the lid with the triangle symbol on the handle. If these symbols don’t line up, the lid won’t lock. To complete the lock, press down on the lid handle until it clicks into place. Don’t forget this last step! Lining up the triangles is not enough. You will get a red blinking light error if you have not lowered the handle to lock the lid into place. The lid handle will not fold down unless you attach it to the pitcher container correctly.

Ninja Blender Lid Alignment
Correct alignment of Ninja Blender lid

If you are not able to lock the lid on your Ninja Professional or Ninja Foodie, it is possible that the you did not install the blade assembly correctly. If you don’t fully seat the blade assembly with a loose fit onto the drive gear inside the pitcher, it will sit a bit too tall and prevent the lid from locking. You should not add any ingredients to the Ninja blender until you insert the blade assembly correctly. If you added ingredients first, you’ll need to remove them and then add the blade assembly. Make sure nothing remains in the container that may jam the blade assembly connection. If you see any stuck on ingredients that may be interfering with the blade assembly connection, clean the blade assembly and pitcher in the dishwasher.

Ninja Blender Flashing Light Cause #3: The Blender Has Overheated

If you are getting a blinking red light error after having just used your Ninja blender, it may have overheated. In this case, you should turn off the blender, unplug it from the electrical outlet and let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes to cool down.

Additional Troubleshooting

Have you ruled out all of the above potential causes of the Ninja blender blinking red power button light? If so, it is possible that either your pitcher or lid are broken and causing the safety mechanism to trigger. The only way to fix the issue will be to get a replacement lid or pitcher. You never want to follow any advice you may find on the web to disable any of the safety mechanisms as it could cause you harm. You may be able to find these online but you can also contact Ninja customer support. Contacting support is especially recommended if your machine is still under warranty.

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